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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Arbeia fort, South Shields

Today, we visited Arbeia fort, a vestigial ruin where a Roman Naval/supply base stood. It may only be 1 brick high mostly, but the displays and reconstructions more than made up for it.

The spectacular reconstruction of the fort's Western gate.
 Megan on her way to see the glory that was Rome!

A Tombstone 
Ooh, a plinth! 
 Some fragments of decorative columns

Fragments of religious statues. 
Some bodily remains from the site. 
These slightly post-date the Roman period... 
...a period of chaos and warfare. 
 Roman tomb adornments...
...both for former slaves.
The left one was for a Freedman of one of the Cavalry regiments (Alae). 
 The right one was for a freed British woman, who married a Palmyran soldier.
 A well preserved skeleton from a simple burial.

Fragments of a Roman ceremonial cavalry helmet. 
The blade of a Spatha, a long cavalry sword used by Roman cavalry (Equites Alares) 
A display showing how tiles were made. 
 So, on to the remains of the fort.

Inside a reconstructed barracks 

A wattle divide 
Round the back, the latrines. 

Now, a reconstruction of the officer in charge (Tribunus) 

What the original building may have looked like. 
Tiles, not so different from what we use today! 
 An office, Roman style.

Where one would recline to eat in polite company! (Triclinium)

 On to the south gate.

A well behind the Headquarters building. 

 A second well.
 The western gate from inside the fort area.
Inside the reconstruction, a few very nice displays awaited. 
Before Rome, a Celtic roundhouse. 

 Arbeia at its height.

A Royalist Star fort being attacked by Scots Covenanters. (English Civil war) 

 The West gate in Roman times, nicely atmospheric display!

 The gate parapet.
Looking into the fort. 
 A display of later Roman military gear. 

 Showing the curtain wall construction. 
 Time to leave!

A good day out!