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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Our Christmas trip to Durham...and a rusty wing nut!

Today, Janet, Jonathan, Mark, Rachel, Taka and Jenny, all went to see the 'Angel of the North' and Durham.
Fortunately, although rather chilly, it stayed dry. We did good shopping and dining, and had a great time out together.

It was especially nice to properly meet Jen's husband Taka!

On with the pictures....

J and J feeling the chill!
Ah, a BIG Rusty wing nut! 
 3, rather dwarfed, bollards?
 A rather good description of the statue.
Rachy, Mark, Taka and Jen. 
 Someone always gets in your picture!!!
 Nice clouds, rusty wing nut!
 A mad dog ravaging a tree....
  J and J in the lee of the RWN 
So long, Rusty! 

So, on to Durham!

 The 'Scarey horse' statue.
 The river Wear.
 Dang! - more invaders!
 Down by the riverside. 
 The Cathedral.

 A wear on the Wear.
Cathedral from the Durham Uni boat sheds. 
 Spot the tourists....
 A sign on the bridge, defining Durham.
From the bridge. 
 Back into Durham town. 
 Down University alley, the Baileys.
 Rachy and Mark's Nah, Nah, Nah Nah Nah! moment in front of their old college!
..and where they used to live. 

 Nice December light on the Cathedral.
 The Rose window.
 And off to the shops! 
A good day!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

My trip to Cheshire August 2014

Hi all!

Here are the pictures from my trip to Cheshire on the August bank holiday weekend.

In front of the Lowry gallery

The BBC! 


On into Higher Poynton 

The Macclesfield canal 

 Via the Rec back to Poynton

You come to stroke me? 
My claw caught... 

Su-Su did eventually free her little paw! - from then though, the pics became blurry and unuseable!

I had a good time with the Ayres's, and had lots of fun. Thanks to them!