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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Our trip to Craster and Dunstanburgh

Today, The Ayres's and Richardsons took me to Craster, up the lovely North East coast near to the Farne islands.
We had a nice fish lunch, courtesy of Jonathan (thanks).

Of course, I took some pictures, for which see below!

Craster harbour
Craster sea front 
Harbour mouth, and a wee boat! 
Some nice houses 
 After this, we decided to trek up the dirt track north to see the local Percy Pile!
The sheep had seen it all before, and carried on munching the spring grass.
 As the path had muddy patches, we walked on the grass uphill!
The view out to sea was lovely, as always. 
  Aha, said pile!
  Complete with a posing sheep!
Sadly, we hadn't time to go in.... 
 ...so I went round the walls to get a besiegers view!
 The front facing the south had several towers.
Sadly, all ruinous. 
The West wall was defended by a very steep bank and a wall. 
 The view from the wall north up the coast.
 ..and south west.
 On the north west corner of the castle, another tower.
 It kind of reminded me of Minas Morgul from Lord of the Rings!
 The north wall was inaccessible and the bank fell precipitously into the sea.
 We then trundled back towards Craster.
...another 2 mile hike! 
...and in close up! 
We had a great day despite getting showered and hailed on in Craster.
It was nice to be out after all the rain of the last 2 weeks!