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Friday, 21 August 2015

Walking the North East coast

Today, I had a rest from painting the garage etc etc, and went down to the coast on the Metro for a walk in the sun!

I got to the coast at Whitley Bay, just down from the 'Spanish city' complex.
I had planned to walk on the sand here, but the tide was in! 
A couple of ships were moored near Tynemouth. 
The promenade was pretty well deserted at 10:00 am. 
 Even the sea was quiet!
 A small sea break.
Ooh, a plane! 
Ah, just a C-130 Hercules. 
 ...and a lot of Herring Gulls!
I was near Cullercoats now, this is looking back towards Whitley Bay. 
See, the Sea!
 The sun was making some nice reflections on the sea.

 Cullercoats bay.
 ..with Tynemouth in the distance.
The Blue Reef sealife centre has rescue seals now! 
 Ans a small waterfall! 
 ...and some Chickens.
 The Shark I had come to see especially, was hiding from the hordes of screaming kids, basking behind a rock!
 And on down the coast...
 It was trying to drizzle a bit here, which was refreshing in the humid air!

 Tynemouth Priory in the distance.
The light was really nice here. 
 It was getting cloudy, though still bright.
 The Priory. I didn't have time to visit this again.
 Another defensive ditch!
I then left the coastline, and walked through the town. 
 Tynemouth Metro station

I like the architecture here.

 The end of a nice walk.