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Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Turn of the Tides walk

Today, I eschewed my usual wargaming Saturday to go with the family on a walk from Whitley Bay, via Cullercoats, to Tynemouth, where the Mouth of Tyne festival was on.
Here are my pictures....

It was a lovely day...
North Tyneside council adding sand to the beach! 


...on to Cullercoats... 

...Tynemouth in the distance, festooned with flags. 

I diverged from our group to go down to the sea. 

The sea was slowly coming in. 

The family, paralleling me further inland.
 I came across some sand streams draining into the sea.

As the sand was rather...wet near Tynemouth, I headed back to join the others. 
 Megan balancing on lumpy sand.

So long...beach! 
Ah, our first view of the festival... 
...some sand art! 
It was disappearing before our eyes in the advancing tide.
Sad, they were very nicely done. 

So, into Tynemouth. 
Megan. Mark was behind me trying to get her to look into the camera... 
...Megan just looked bemused! - perhaps by the Volkswagen historic display?!
So, after an ...extended...lunch at 'Hinnies' restaurant, I made my way home for a well deserved long sleep!

Overall, it was a very nice day out, and it is amazing how Megan has developed since I last saw her, time marches on!
Thanks to the Ayers's and Richardsons for putting up with me!