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Monday, 5 October 2015

Guiseley...Jonathan's 60th birthday gather.

Yesterday, we had a family get together with everyone meeting at Guiseley. We had a lovely Italian meal and gathered at Jonathan's Mum's flat after. These are a few pictures I took!
Janet, Judith and Margaret
Sophie, Mark and Rachel 
 J - opening some birthday presents
Margaret, looking very comfortable! 
Judith watching with great interest! 
Alex, Jonathan, Chad and Sophie.
 J opening a very well wrapped gift.
Aha! - a trip to Silverstone! 
 A game of cards while J rested from his exertions!
 The end of a very tense game!

This was a very nice way to spend a Sunday, I have to thank Mark and Rach for the transport down and back to the North East. Rach is doing very well with her pregnancy - especially with only a month to go!!!!

It was nice also to see Sophie and Alex again, so much bigger than last time I saw them!

Chad seems a very nice young man too, it was a pleasure to meet him!

All in all, I spent a nice day with lots of nice people.