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Friday, 5 February 2016

Hartlepool visit, wargamer style!

Well, after a good week off I went to see HMS Trincomalee at Hartlepool marina, and an excellent time was had. The write up of the ship visit is on my other blog Herkybirds nest.

Here is the rest of my visit, to the attached museum showing Hartlepool history:

WW2 Air Raid Warden bits and bobs.
 Medicines from 1914 and 2014
A large part of the display was dedicated to an event in 1914.. 
 German Cruisers shelled Hartlepool from offshore.
 Zeppelins also raided later in the war.
 A wee boat!
 A lighthouse mirror
More WW2 stuff, civilian information. 
Police then..1914 
 WW2 and into the 50's
1914 fireman equipment. 

 First aid kits from 1914
 A Neolithic skeleton found locally.

 Some appropriate tools.
 Roman finds.

Iron age finds 

A reconstructed archway colonnade 
 Roman Amphorae
 More Roman period finds.
 Victorian ladies wear!
 Some ship models from the interwar years.

 On the way out, a last look at HMS Trincomalee.

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