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Saturday, 24 August 2013

QE2 park walk

Today, we went to the Queen Elizabeth 2nd park near Ellington in Northumberland.
Of course, being on a bank holiday weekend we failed to see the sun! - Rain and mist were the order of the day!
The guide to the walk, in front of the Premier Inn!
 Rach, Jan and Jonathan enjoying the drizzle!
 There are a lot of large birds on the lake, swans and Canada geese mostly.
Off we go down the lakeside path.  
The lake is constructed from the spoil heaps produced by the local Ellington and Woodhorn collieries, all now sadly closed. 
 The lake is quite sizeable, with a fish population.
It must look lovely in the sun..sigh! 
Some more pics of the walk round the lake...


The small gauge rail line.  

At the end of the walk, a small station near the Premier inn. 

Apparently, you have to ring for the train!!! 

 One of the winding gear wheels from a long closed mine.

It was a good walk, despite the weather! - we went to the Inn for a coffee and finished up in Morpeth for a lovely Chinese restaurant meal while the rain got worse. We got the best of the weather for our walk!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Wandering down the River Wansbeck.

On 7th June I went for a wander down the River Wansbeck, for once I went right, to see how near to the sea I could get...

Approaching the River Wansbeck.
 Heading down towards the railway bridge 
 Only a couple of miles to the sea!

 That's one BIG bridge!
 A sandbank, where a lot of the swans etc live.

The path seems to follow the riverbank.  
Another sandbank looms. 
As far as the path goes before heading uphill to West Sleekburn. No see the Sea 
 Heading back towards the railway bridge.
The tide in the river is changing, coming upstream now. 
 Looking back at the last sandbank. 
More birds resting on the big sandbank. 
 Ah, the rail bridge again!

Back towards the road bridge. 

 ..and on down the riverbank.
Looking back at the busy road bridge. 
 Calm river.
The path leads up from the riverbank. 
The start of the Bluebell banks, these were late this year due to the long Winter. 

 And up into the light, and home!
 A nice walk in the early Summer sunshine!